Replace inter-school quiz competitions with inter-school EV competitions

EV innovation needs many young minds to work on it. Since the EV is as basic as a Toy car which includes (battery, motor and controller) it is very much in the interest of the nation to get as many young minds working on it.

Tata and Mahindra should conduct annual inter-school EV competitions instead of wasting it on quiz competitions. Such EV competitions will fire the minds of young individuals to create something useful and enable them to… solve problems in their communities.

Electric vehicles is an amalgamation of solar panels, clean free energy, power generation, inexpensive mobility and connectivity. It is also the hallmark of an emerging economy or emerging country.

These students will go on to become the customers and brand ambassadors of Tata & Mahindra. Such programmes will get young minds to be encouraged to buy Tata & Mahindra Evs.

If 50% of the country switches to electric vehicles that in itself will be a huge market. If 50% of a country switches to electric vehicles that country will automatically become a developed due to the cascading effect on the country as a whole.

In the EV competitions students should be asked to build the body & chassis of these EV with locally available materials like wood & bamboo. It should be light but sturdy enough to be driven on the existing roads of India. If it is too dangerous to be driven on the roads of India then it automatically disqualifies.

Leave it to the creativeness of the children to come up with a variety of designs.


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