Flow Electric Scooter from 22 Motors

22Motors will soon come out with a smart, powerful and intelligent scooter. The system has been loaded with state of art sensors and smart features. Real time connectivity to cloud helps the company keep an eye on scooter’s performance.

This scooter looks better than Ather’s S-“whatever”

Integrated app helps the company find fixes for any malfunction even when the customer is miles away.

With Geo Fencing you can now… define your territory beyond which the scooter should not go. Vehicle will automatically send alerts once its outside the defined geographical boundaries.

09 Feb 2018 - AutoExpo India.jpg

The power-train

The Flow weighs 85kg, can haul a maximum passenger load of 150kg and has a maximum speed of 60kph and will need R T O registration. The 10kg Li-ion battery offers a range of 80km on a single full charge, and 160kms with spare battery! It takes just twenty minutes hours to recharge.

zz Battery

Its regenerative braking charges 6 percent of the battery in normal usage. The scooter has reverse mode and cruise control.

The battery is also compatible with public charging infrastructure and Twenty Two Motors will offer a controller-adaptor for the scooter to be charged at public charging outlets put up by the government in the coming future.

It has Disc brakes with integrated electronic braking system (EBS). Its Intelligent Electronic braking system (EBS) not only ensures better braking but also generates power to charge battery each time you brake.

The scooter has Projector LED Lamps for unmatched brightness and performance. These LED lamps have been designed to last 100 times more than traditional lights and has an option to individually program the LEDs.

DIGITAL SPEEDOMETER – Stylish & smart digital speedometer. Google maps, Social media notifications and smart alerts have all been integrated.


The scooter offers IP 65 protection for all the electronic components and will be able to wade through water-logged conditions.

The Flow scooter will go on sale shortly after its launch at the 2018 Auto Expo to be held on 09 February 2018 (at Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh).

The best part is, The company will offer a 50,000km warranty on the battery and also zero labour charges for replacing battery after this period. The company will also provide a second temporary battery for users who need to take the scooter out on a long-distance ride.

Which scooter is better Ather? Gogoro2 or Flow?

We at PlugInCaroo find the FLOW scooter better than the Ather scooter (specs of 2015. Wonder if Ather has upgraded? Ather has not mentioned any upgrade to its specs yet! Neither is Tork releasing any information.)

Ather is also expected to launch at AutoShow2018. Tork Motorcycles, is probably going to launch at the AutoShow too. That will make it 3 EV bikes launching at one AutoShow. Do note the fact these were probably the only VEHICLES EVER to be completely designed and built ENTIRELY in India. Making it the BIGGEST AutoShow that were to happen in Automobile sector… and these companies just got created in the year 2015 and later.

If there is anything to compare this burst of activity by “newbies” there is only the American Computer Industry in the 1970s eg: Apple, Microsoft, etc.

Well the Flow is better than the Ather because it has removable battery which Ather doesn’t have. Neither does Ather have programmable LED lights, also Ather’s price is expected to be Rs 20,000 higher. Other specs are almost same.

The weak part for Flow is that it has a hub motor similar to Gogoro scooter while Ather has a chain driving the wheel which gives the bike more power for watt. This makes the difference on climbing hills and flyovers.

The Flow is better than Gogoro2 because the removable batteries of Gogoro can only be charged at kiosk which will charge at a price. With Flow you can charge it anywhere at your house, building power socket, road side shop socket, road side government charging station, or your friends house or even carry it in your office.

With Gogoro2 even if you have to charge the battery at your home you will need to buy an expensive charger. Forget about charging at the office or your friends house.


For more information:

Twenty Two Motors Pvt Ltd.


  • Plot No.83, Sector 8,
    IMT Manesar, Haryana
    PIN-122050, India
  • Phone +91 124 4275898

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