Monthly Archives: January 2018

Kevin’s Electric Bike

Attractive LED safety lights in the front and rear, Touchscreen GPS Navigation, Digital Speedometer 18 kmph  (can go faster) speed with 5 year old 12 volt,7 Ampere Lead Acid battery, A frame that can take on smaller wheels as well as bigger 26 inch wheels, accommodate adults as well as kids… puts to shame some of the e-bikes sold in the market…

Reliance Energy to set up EV charging stations in Mumbai

Reliance Energy plans to set up more than 15 electric vehicle charging stations in Mumbai over the next three months. The company recently sold its entire power business covering Mumbai to Adani Transmission for Rs 18,800 crore.

The city will be divided into five zones having three charging stations at each zone. Each zone will have a slow charging station and two fast charging station. Tata Power has already set up a couple of charging stations in Mumbai which features fast chargers.

Is Okinawa Praise Scooter the Luyuan E-Bike? – Only nuts & bolts are Made in India?

The Okinawa Praise 59,889 ex-showroom, Delhi. (Read Caveat emptor below before buying!)

Praise is the second e-scooter from Okinawa after the Ridge that was launched earlier in 2017. Ridge was aimed at the… Continue reading