Is Okinawa Praise Scooter the Luyuan E-Bike? – Only nuts & bolts are Made in India?

The Okinawa Praise 59,889 ex-showroom, Delhi. (Read Caveat emptor below before buying!)

Praise is the second e-scooter from Okinawa after the Ridge that was launched earlier in 2017. Ridge was aimed at the… low price market segment while the Praise is aimed at more sophisticated buyers and offers better performance and features over the Ridge.

The biggest attraction of this scooter is the dual disc brakes in front. Combined with the LED light across the front apron with DRL & LED tail light and indicators at the rear, the scooter stands apart from the crowd of EV and Petrol scooters available in the market.

The specs of the vehicle are:

  • 1000 watt electric motor
  • Top speed of 75 kmph,
  • Range 200 km (@30kmph
  • Ground clearance = 170 mm.
  • 12-inch wheels
  • Double disc brakes in the front and a single disc brake in the rear.
  • E-ABS (Electronic Assisted Braking System).
  • Telescopic suspension forks for front and double shock-absorbers at the rear,
  • Keyless entry,
  • Find-my-scooter function,
  • Anti-theft mechanism,
  • Glove-box up front and 19.5 litres of under-seat storage
  • VRLA battery which takes about 6-8 hours to charge,

Okinawa says it will introduce a 2hrs chargeable 72V, 45Ah Lithium-ion battery on the scooter soon!

Documents required to ride the vehicle:

  • Registration
  • Insurance
  • Drivers License

    Caveat emptor:

    1. The claims made by the company of getting a top speed of 75kmph from a lead acid battery look very suspicious if it is true then it must be some kind of a breakthrough in modern science!

    2. The company has clearly tried to trick the customers by using Japanese name “Okinawa”. Its like using London school of Kurla, Mumbai. Intention is clearly to deceive.

    3. The company has brought a Japanese gentleman (as Director) to head their sales & marketing. How a Japanese is heading sales and marketing in India (in an Indian company) when he does not know Hindi nor fluent in English is itself mind-boggling! How does he handle the sales team? Or interact with the vendors? But the main question is… if at all he is bringing in technology does he have other role in the company?

    4. Why is Japan address shown on company website? What is the connection? Is it a residence address or a company address? If it is a company address which company it is?

    5. Worst part is that the scooter looks identical to Chinese scooter Luyuan! Maybe only the nuts and bolts are made in India or are they?

    6. Expect Chinese quality and life from the battery, motors and other parts. Wear and tear were the major headache of Chinese scooters 8 yrs ago.  Surely Chinese manufacturing has improved since then, but China make products for use-and-throw and buy-Chinese-again after 3 years.

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