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Carbon – the world in 2067

Carbon is how the world will be in 2067 if we don’t change from petrol heads to EV. Jackky Bhagnani​ finds a voice through #Carbon , a powerful short which takes on the big issue of pollution and will make people think hard. Watch it now and be a part of a change. #BarrelSelect #LargeShortFilms #MakeItPerfect

90% Indians want electric car

Indians are waiting to get on the electric car revolution once the market becomes more conducive with better technology and infrastructure. While not even one per cent of the car owners in India have an electric car, 90 per cent want to buy one for the next purchase. But their main worries are the mile­age currently offered by cars and charging infrastructure available in the country.

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A study done by market research firm Velocity MR found… Continue reading

NITI Aayog proposes Zero Permits for EVs!

In a major push for EVs NITI Aayog has proposed to do away with all permits for Electric Vehicles. NITI Aayog suggest Electric vehicles are largely environment-friendly and thus should be promoted more actively by the government. This if implemented would be a major positive move in India since the independence of the country.

Zero Permits for EVs.pngWe at PlugInCaroo feel that this will not only promote electric vehicles but also improve (GREATLY) the ease of doing business building Electric Vehicles in India… especially for start-ups in India. Those companies… Continue reading

Poor health could kill India-Rising!

Most Indian families use healthy herbs and potent spices in their food… but why do we still rank on top of the unhealthy bunch?

Tendulkar believes that India should move from a sports loving nation to a sports playing nation…

true…  we have been taking our health for granted. Even for minor cold and cough we have started to depend upon medicines prepared by pharmaceutical companies to safeguard our health.

PREVENT COUGH by keeping a tiny bit of sea salt in your mouth so that the salt kills the bacteria that causes discomfort in your throat.

But of late these medicines… has been found to be very detrimental to our health and led to the development of chronic illness like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, asthma, kidney disease, etc.  So on one hand we are loosing our money by paying for these medicines and on the other hand we are loosing our health too in the long run.

What is startling is that some of these minor and chronic disease can be very easily cured by ancient/traditional Indian methods.  PlugInCaroo Health Series will be an effort in that direction.

On one hand using traditional methods and using less over-the-counter medicines by the population of India could reduce the GDP of India slightly… but more importantly than that this will translate into a lot of healthy youth.

Such a move to use traditional organic medicines instead of inorganic chemical medicines will adversely affect the economy of some Indian companies and many International companies.

Just like moving from chemical fertilizers to organic fertilizers it is completely possible to move away  from chemical medicines!

Make sure to keep an  eye on this page as more video content will be added to this as the series progresses.