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The M9 will have Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) or safety systems that are seen only in luxury cars.

Artem M9 Scooter Specifications:

  • 90kmph top speed,
  • 0-50kmph in 6 seconds
  • 100 kms range per charge.
  • Fast charging
  • Swap-able batteries , etc.

The Scooter features:

  • Emergency braking  EDB (Electro-Dynamic Braking) which relies on reverse traction force to shed speeds effectively.
  • Cameras and radars to allow 360-degree awareness upto a 100m radius.
  • Proximity warnings relay to the rider through a smart helmet, as well as through vibration feedback on the handlebars.
  • M9 can warns tailgaters if they’re too close.
  • Indicators cancel safely and automatically by sensing when the turn has been completed,
  • Blind-spot warning system to warn the rider that despite indicating a turn, someone is close behind and a potential danger.

These systems were only available in high-end cars. These systems have the potential to drastically enhance two-wheeler safety.

M9  scooter is created by an Indian company called Artem Energy Future Pvt Ltd. It is no doubt the world’s SAFEST electric scooter that is on sale.

The company is trying to address the safety of 2 wheeler riders as there were 49,000 fatalities on two wheelers last year.

The company is focusing on Collision Prevention and Collision Alert. A majority of two-wheeler accidents are caused by rider error and lack of due attention. Artem’s technology is being developed to ensure that the rider has timely information and alerts to make better decisions.

Artem’s also plans an integrated infrastructure solution, with an aim to build solar-powered battery swapping infrastructure.

The people behind Artem are:

  • Rajit Arya, Founder & CEO.
  • Dr. Prabhakar Patil, Retired CEO of LG Chem Power
  • Naveen Deepak Veeramaneni, Co-founder & C T O of Artem,
  • Vatsal Shah, Chief Knowledge Officer.

Company website:



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