Free Online Dairy Farming Course

If you or your friend or relative is interested in starting a Dairy Farm and is interested in Dairy Management course then this is the one that will ever be need… in your/their life… and it is completely free! Go through the following videos and you will know how to manage a dairy farm.

Free Dairy Management Course

Free Dairy Management Course

What to feed? How to Feed? How many times to feed? How to grow your fodder? How to detect disease in the cattle and how to cure it easily and cheaply? Established Dairy Farms might find it SHOCKING & difficult to adhere to… but there is no denying how true it is. The following 4 videos are a must for ANY AND EVERY Dairy Farmer in the World!

Beat established dairy companies with this low labor, low cost dairy farming information! Learn all this in the following YouTube videos. To understand better make sure you 1st read the text below and ONLY THEN watch the videos.

Dr Sreekumar (BVSc & AH,PGCVH) & Dr Sreekala (BVSc & AH,PGCVH): Both worked as Veterinary officers from 1992 to 2010 in TRCMPU ltd, MILMA, Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation, Trivandrum, Kerala, India. From 2013 both are serving as Holistic Veterinarians for Gokuldham Vedic eco-village project (60 cows), Ahmadabad ISKCON farm project and Mayapur Goshala (400 cows.) Also serving as a Freelance Holistic Veterinarian for Private farm projects across the country. Both of them manage various diseases of cows with Homeopathy and natural remedies.



There is a great possibility that you have landed on this page thinking of starting a dairy farm as a good business opportunity and the initial “research” with “professionals” have been pointing towards the direction of successful dairy farm business… until you realize that the very livelihood of these so called “professionals” depend upon YOU STARTING A DAIRY BUSINESS. You are their potential FUTURE CLIENT or “BAKRA”.




Learn about how  (Bank + Loan + Insurance) companies fool Farmers:


Many Dairy Consultants say cow gives milk from front and dung from back… and both are money. Tell them selling water is more profitable… at least water does not require fodder or labor like a cow.

In case there is less grass available in your area you can always try to grow hydroponic fodder in a Low Cost Open Air Hydroponic System like this:


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