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Is Li-Ion a failure in India? #WhatIf Petrol Diesel goes over Rs 100? EVs? #PanicSelling of cars? SUV market crash?

EV like Tata & Mahindra makers don’t want to sell EVs thats why they are pricing EV higher than all their models.

Tata’s subsidiary Tata Petrodyne is earning $200 billion from selling petrol why will Tata promote EVs?

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Why TATA will NEVER encourage EVs

Tata Petrodyne is one of the leading Oil and Gas Companies with yearly turnover of around 200 Billion Dollars. It is a subsidiary company of the great TATA companies. It is recognized for its Gas, Oil, and Petroleum Products business and is headquartered in Mumbai. This company has interest in two offshore blocks in UK and Australia respectively as well as seven offshore and onshore blocks in different states of India.


Govt should black list such companies from its EV TENDER. Such companies are just putting a “FRONT” in promoting Electric Cars.

10,000 CNG stations in next 10 years

India to have 10,000 CNG stations in next 10 years, on track to adapt cleaner fuels: Dharmendra Pradhan

Oil MinisterDharmendra Pradhan on Thursday said the country was on its way to construct more than 10,000 compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in the coming decade. He was speaking at an event held by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers.

“CNG vehicles are cheaper and less polluting and for this reason, according to the road map created by the government, India will get 10,000 CNG stations in the coming 10 years from around 1,400 today. These numbers are not part of any announcement; the numbers are based on the commitments made by winning bidders under the 9th City Gas Distribution (CGD) round,” Pradhan said.

He added that the government had initiated…

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Ashok Leyland launches India’s 1st integrated EV unit at Ennore Plant

On the 70th anniversary celebrations of Ashok Leyland  the company has launched (first of its kind in India) integrated electric vehicle unit at its Ennore plant. The unit is equipped to design, prototype, test, process prototyping and design solutions for electric vehicles, the company said.

Ashok Leyland said that considering the rapidly evolving and changing market and technology, the unit has been conceived as an in-house start-up facility in order to stay flexible and fast.

The in-house facilities include engineering, prototyping and testing for motors, battery modules and packs, and a power electronics lab.

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