GoGoA1 – Largest Electric Vehicles mall in India – Part 1 & 2| PlugInCaroo

Today lets travel to GoGo-A1 Mart. It is India’s largest EV mall/mart which is situated in Rabale, Navi Mumbai. Rabale lies between Airoli and Ghansoli on the Thane-Nerul Trans-Harbour line.


On the Google map GoGo is shown at …2 locations – one of which is their headquarters. We will not be going to the GogoHQ which is near the Reliance School, but to the GoGo-MIDC. The distance between the GoGo HQ and Gogo MIDC is roughly 20minutes.

Roads in Rabale are much better than on the Western Express Highway. Roads in Mumbai are generally very poor except in Navi Mumbai. GoGo provides 3 services – Of whole seller, it does its own research and development on vehicle conversion and it also has Educational Courses for beginners, business developers and also for engineers. It is a must for all engineers interested in entering the automobile sector to at least have a month’s exposure here either before or after their courses. Without this experience the students passing out will be completely unprepared to enter an automobile sector which is shifting from ICE engines to electric engines.

GoGoA1.com is like the Amazon or Flipkart of EV products. You can order online and it will courier the products to your doorstep. It supplies Electric & Solar Power Vehicles and it’s components.

The company is located in India and has its own manufacturing facility in China (YongKang Shinde Electric Vehicle Company,Ltd).

The Company also focuses on the transformation of existing fuel 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers,and cars into the electric powered ones by creating hybrid and complete conversion kits for them.

GoGoA1 is interested in cooperating with any company on a mutually beneficial basis. For those interested in becoming dealer GoGo offers bicycles, electric bicycles and electric bicycles conversion kits. GoGo A1 provides premium products at affordable prices.

Gogo also believes in offering quality products without compromising the life of the user.

One of the biggest companies in that area is Reliance Jio which is providing 4G network to almost all over the 7th largest country in the world – India. Jio would soon be installing the blazing fast Gigafibre network for landline, broadband and TV services. Siemens and Alfa Laval are other companies which fall on the way.

LeadAcid, Li-Ion,  lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 battery or LFP) Batteries well explained:

WaterProof HubMotors:

How to convert fat bike to ebike:



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