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Technical Partha’s Electric Nano

Tata has been talking big (bullshit, buffalo shit and elephant shit) about electric cars since the last 10 YEARS!!! It showcased Indica Vista Electric Car &  Nano Electric car in 2010 and talked about them… yet they never mass manufactured them.

Tatat NEVER EVER produced a electric vehicle from the ground up. They kept converting their ICE Cars to EVs and called them electric cars!!! LOL.

At the same time here is Techinical Partha showing you how to easily convert a Tata Nano to a Nano EV… with 4 batteries & 2 electric motors. Obviously removing the ICE engine is more difficult than attaching the electric motors. Tata Nano being a rear wheel drive vehicle makes it a perfect vehicle for converting to electric car.

It looks more peppy than the original NANO! Although top speed is less the torque seems to be much higher.

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