MicroMax EV – India’s biggest EV moment!

This could as big as Apple developing the Apple Electric Car called The Titan. It could be bigger than the Titan because Titan’s future is uncertain. In Feb 2019 Apple had dismissed around 200 staff working on Project Titan.

The only other smartphone maker working in EV is Xiaomi.

 Micromax, on Thursday launched his new company-Revolt Intellicorp that will manufacture India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle.

India rules the world in… Motorcycles and Auto rickshaws. Their sale numbers are right on the top. Car ownership is one of the lowest in the world. Indians dont love small 2 seater cars, but they love SUVs. 50% of car sales are SUVs.

Moral of the story Indians only put their money where it is worth.

Of all the sedan car sales a lot of them were Swift & Dzire also Alto, WagonR and Omini. Most of these cars were bought to be used as Taxies. Swift & Dzire were bought by Uber driver/owners and Alto, WagonR & Omini were bought by private operators operating with Taxi permit or to run the business illegally. Meaning most of the sedan car sales were for “commercial use”.

In 2-wheelers there is a lot of competition in hub motor scooters but there is still to be an electric motorcycle to be launched, and MicroMax seems to have chosen this sector. Mid-drive motor scooter & motorcycle sector seems to be China’s weakpoint. Any company launching products in this sector will make good profit because there is no Chinese competition.

The biggest advantage of 2Wheelers is that the li-ion batteries can be carried home to be recharged thus they are not only convenient but THEY ALSO DO NOT NEED ANY CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE!!!

Talking about the new venture, Rahul Sharma, Founder, Revolt Intellicorp Pvt. Ltd. said, “As a mechanical engineer by qualification, I always found mobility and the expanse of opportunities it offers, very intriguing. There is a colossal need for using technology to disrupt urban commute and make it cleaner and sustainable. I’m doing my bit and I feel this is the right time for every player operating in this space to come together for the greater good of our environment. My vision is to see every household in India have access to sustainable mobility.”

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