Why Airlines of India fail internationally?

Air India… Air Sahara.. KingFisher… and now Jet Airways… The biggest expense in aviation is the cost of fuel. In general any Indian aircraft that flies more planes to the Gulf will always be more successful. If they give 40Kg check in luggage instead of 30kg it will be a bonus… more people will go for that airlines whenever the price is equal.

Its unbelievable that Instead of the fuel… they are haggling about whether they need to serve food… in flight?

Jet Airways flew just 1 flight to India from say Qatar per day while Etihad & Qatar Airways fly about 20 flights to India EACH airlines daily! This is a ratio of 1: 40 and we did not even add other GCC airlines.

Indigo is super economical to fly (difference is atleast Rs 7,000/tkt compared to Etihad & Qatar Airways) (multiply it by 4 for the number of tickets for NRI families). But even Indigo never bothered to increased number of flights per day.

Around 70% of …GCC NRI labor when in India prefer to travel by train/bus instead of flights. There itself Indian airlines lost a massive chunk of passengers.

Actually using the term NRI for a small time gulf labour is somewhat misleading. He is non resident Indian indeed… but he is not affluent and this is what makes 90% of GCC passengers.

Moreover Indian Airlines strangely do not understand the need to increase number of flights during the school vacations in Gulf Countries which usually start on Eid Holidays (twice every yr) & also during Year-End-Leave (December) =3 times per yr.

Generally labours do not like to carry over leave to new yr. Families and bachelor labors fly to India during these vacations in huge numbers but they are forced to take expensive and even long route flights due to lack of Indigo/Jet/Air India flights.

Flying to Gulf Countries is where the moolah is… even if it means most of the passengers could be low salary unskilled labours. But they make up for it with large numbers. The large number of flying Indians combined with cheap aviation fuel makes the gulf sector very attractive.

Nowhere in the World will there be such a crowd of low paying labours traveling by flight… this cannot be experienced anywhere in the world other than GCC countries….not even in USA… but our flight operators seem to be ignorant about this… they just want maximum flights to fly to US, UK, Europe etc.

Here is one example: Qatar Airways request India to add more seats because Qatar Airways will not be able to handle the rush during Eid Vacation combined with the lack of Jet Airways (28 flights per week). This will lead to huge demand of tickets and increase the price of ticket.  https://www.gulf-times.com/story/631941/Qatar-Airways-submits-request-to-add-more-seats-on

…and beauty is Air India… which loves to fly to Andamans carrying maybe just 1 or 2 passengers in it… mostly government staff.


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