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Boffins double lithium batteries density

… and they will not explode

Researchers at Australia’s Deakin University say they’ve managed to use common industrial polymers to create solid electrolytes, opening the door to double-density solid-state lithium batteries that won’t explode or catch fire if they overheat.

Fangfang Chen and Xiaoen Wang from…

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3MW solar power lights up Howrah station, Energy News, ET EnergyWorld

Loom Solar

3MW solar power lights up Howrah station

KOLKATA: Much of the lights at Howrah station do not consume conventional energy.
Considered as one of the busiest railway stations in the country, the Howrah station has now emerged as the one with the largest commissioned solar capacity under Indian Railways. Eastern Railway (ER) has already commissioned a 2,965 KWp grid-connected rooftop solar power project at Howrah. They plan to do more to tap into renewable sources of electricity in order to go green and save costs.

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“We are all making…

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Ultraviolette Unveiled by Dulquer Salman |DQ

Make In India… Made In India

After Solar-Powered Airport, Kochi’s JLN Stadium To Run Fully On Solar Energy

In 2015 Cochin International Airport (CIAL) had become the first airport in the world to be completely powered by solar energy.  It had received praise from across the world and was awarded the United Nation’s 2018 Champions of the Earth Award for Entrepreneurial Vision. The energy self-sufficient airport had become a model that has been replicated around the country and the world.

Solar Energy

Now following its footsteps, the Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) Stadium in the city is all set to adopt renewable energy to run it.

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Indian EV Battery company | Genuine Power | Pune

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Another aluminum-air battery promises 1,500 miles of range from a charge | Autoblog

With billions of dollars being poured into battery electric vehicles, what seems like millions of new innovations crop up every year. Some inventions will find successful implementation. Most will wash up on the shore as EV industry jetsam. The Daily Mail reports on another novelty awaiting judgment, an aluminum-air battery (Al/air) created by British engineer Trevor Jackson. Jackson claims that if you replaced a Tesla Model S lithium-ion battery with one of his aluminum-air batteries of the same size, range would increase from 370 miles to 1,500 miles. Since the Al/air battery is lighter than a lithium-ion unit, Jackson says that if you used an Al/air battery of equivalent weight, the Model S would run for 2,700 miles on one full charge.

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