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Solar Panels to cover each govt school in Maharashtra

All governments schools in rural Maharashtra will use Solar panels to combat frequent power shutdown and improve digital education.

With increasing digitization of schools — e-learning schemes, digital attendance and more — schools need to be self-reliant in terms of electricity to address the need of the hour. To this enbd, the state government will soon install solar panels in every school that would generate 1-1.5KV electricity.

A meeting of state education officials — including commissioner of education Vishal Solanki and school education minister Varsha Gaikwad — was recently held by deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar in Mumbai.

Officials who attended the…

Indian EV makers to standardize power specs

Mahindra & Mahindra, Okinawa, Lucas TVS, GEM, Kinetic, Ashok Leyland, Exicom, Amara Raja Batteries and Exide batteries have come together to define standards in various parts of Electric Vehicle ecosystem.

The move is primarily aimed at commercial vehicles that will ply with swapable batteries.

“We do not want to commit the mistakes of mobile handset companies that did not standardise chargers extra when it would have made sense. We will continue to work towards setting up more common standards for the industry.” said Dr. Prabhjot Kaur, CBEEV, IIT Madras.

The standards are grouped under Lock Smart – Vehicle Battery Charger Cloud protocol or LS-VBCC they will act as a cornerstone for EVs.

Check out the PDF here: LS-VBCC PDF

Nitin Gadkari invites players for electric lane of Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday urged industry players to join hands with the government for the proposed electric lane on Rs 1.03 lakh crore Delhi-Mumbai Expressway while promising to provide policy support to serious players.

He said while a stretch of the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is planned as electric lane, the Delhi-Jaipur part…

Nitin Gadkari expects 10,000 electric buses in India!

The government is pushing for greater acceptance of electric buses and has advised states to do away with permit requirements for such vehicles, said Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, adding that he is expecting a minimum order of 10,000 battery electric buses from state-funded municipal corporations and private fleet operators.

“We have issued advisory to the state government that if the bus runs on electric batteries or bio-fuel then there is no need for permits. We have given a similar advisory for e-autorickshaws or bio-fuel and for taxis too. 

We are expecting…

Did Ather Energy miss the bus? – Kirana Charzer

Bengaluru based EV Startup, FAE Bikes launched ‘Kirana Charzer’, a low-cost, smart EV charging station costing just ₹10,000 focused on enabling small shops and individuals to install their own charging stations and earn additional income. The startup launched the charging station at MOVE 2020 which happened at Excel International Convention Center, London on February 11-12, where the founder of the startup, Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, was invited as a speaker. Sameer presented the Kirana Charzer when he took the stage on February 12 in front of executives of mobility companies from around the world.

Kirana Charzer is compatible with all 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler Electric Vehicles. Kirana Charzer owners will have the freedom of setting their own prices through our app and they will receive 100% of the revenue from their charging stations. People interested in installing Kirana Charzer can find more details on their website or message on Whatsapp at 8884014175 or email at

Their website is

Kirana Charzer is a compact, zero-maintenance and…

Bajaj Chetak gets 2,000 bookings… go jump in the well!

After so many hullabulla… and blah..blah… blah almost daily in the press for the last 3months… Bajaj Chetak manages just 2,000 bookings… bajaj guys should jump in the well… But they have no shame and tout this as an achievement.

Public is smart today… not like 10yrs or 20yrs ago when they enjoyed the License Raj. These companies cannot fool people today, especially when there are better products in the market!!!

Ather too is trying to exploit its customers than to provide facilities on it’s own.

Its like… if you want a charging facility then you need to pay for it.. directly or indirectly…

SORRY ATHER… today there are removable batteries available for other escooters. It’s not customers problem that you design a bike with a battery that is not only tiny but FIXED FOREVER like a fuel tank to the scooter.

Such situations allow assembled Chinese eScooters to thrive.

Till date the best electric 2 wheeler is Revolt, mainly because it has a lot of options for charging its battery.