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The Ather brownout

After the investment by Hero Motors in Ather Energy what is very obvious is that there is a certain communication link that seems to have been cut… that they have managed to choke Tarun & Swapnil… their voices have almost been shut out… the way business was done seems to have changed somewhat…

There have been changes both inside and outside. Looks like production might not start even by mid 2018… Continue reading

How many solar panels do we need?

All your life you lived dependent upon the electric company to supply you with electricity.

It is now possible to easily generate electricity for your home from wind power… or from Solar power… or from both… solar and wind power.

Even if you generate at least 50% of your electricity requirements, then you get 50% discounted electricity. Lets check out power from solar panels.

How many solar panels do we really need?

Lets find out in the below video.

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E-Bike that can tow SUV!

This e-bike is powerful enough to tow a SUV. It can also climb stairs and ride on beaches with ease! It’s powered by one 48V battery with a 750W motor that has an 85-mile range.

The cycle is called the “Moar Fat Tire Ebike” and it has a top speed of 30 mph when used with the pedals. It is still a prototype at this stage but developers hope to retail it for around $1,119.

Open Air Hydroponic Fodder Growing system:

500 square feet area can now feed 50 cows!

Dumbos ask “where will electricity for Evs come from?”

Unlike OIL India can generate every single watt of energy required for its car from within the country.

If the car you drive is going to be electric then will not your house be powered by the sun? Meaning will you drive a green car but live in a house that is powered by OIL/GAS/Nuclear?

Many making this argument do not know that every single house is powered by COAL/OIL/GAS or Nuclear energy. Only a few power plant in the country… Continue reading

Toyota dumps Tesla

Toyota Motor has terminated its business and capital partnership with U.S. electric car maker Tesla on Saturday, 3 June 2017.

Going forward, the leading Japanese automaker will try to speed up its development of electric cars by consolidating the technologies of affiliated parts makers at a unit launched late last year.

Toyota is said to lag its rivals in electric vehicle development.

Toyota in 2010 paid $50 million for about a 3% stake in Tesla. Around the same time, it paid $42 million for part of the site of a joint venture it once had with General Motors, thinking the old plant could be updated and used for producing electric cars.

In 2012, Toyota released the RAV4 EV, an SUV, with Tesla-made batteries. But the partnership was short-lived.

Tesla’s market seems to get smaller and Elon’s worries seem to be getting bigger.

Will India ever ban cow slaughter?

India as a country must stop the commercial slaughter of Cow. One cannot expect England, US or European countries to do it.

Nobody ever prevented people from eating buffalo or goat meat or even imported beef and nobody should be prevented from doing so.

So whats the big deal?

Pharma cos behind cow slaughter support

Pharma companies are the biggest beneficiaries of cow slaughter & Jersey cow. Even if all Dairy shift to Indian cows the market of these companies will fall to 25%

Its really shocking that in India its illegal to kill a stray dog that attacks you while walking on the road… but it is legal to kill a cow! WHY?… Continue reading