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Let us as a Nation move towards fuel efficient vehicles, clean water, green farms and a clean-green environment! India receives some of the highest rainfall in the world... still the country thirst for water... why? India has the highest cattle population in the world...but hardly extracts any biogas/gobar-gas from it... why? India tops the world in almost all agricultural products... but less than 1% is organic/natural... why? India receives good sunlight and has a Solar powered Airport... but less than 0.01% of houses are powered by solar power... why? India has the best electric/CNG car in the world (E2O/Tata NANO).. but 99.99% of car owners prefer to pay in dollars for their petrol.. why? (1Ltr = 1$ almost). All these problems can be solved by us 100% within our lifetime... if we take action to solve these issues personally and bringing awareness about it, (instead of discussing TV serials, celebrities, cricket scores & political parties). Let us together build a bridge of knowledge over ignorance! Lets us become independent from "Fuel, Water and Seed control". Right from the time when fire was discovered as a source of energy people have been trying to control the source of energy... not any more!

Why Airlines of India fail internationally?

Air India… Air Sahara.. KingFisher… and now Jet Airways… The biggest expense in aviation is the cost of fuel. In general any Indian aircraft that flies more planes to the Gulf will always be more successful. If they give 40Kg check in luggage instead of 30kg it will be a bonus… more people will go for that airlines whenever the price is equal.

Its unbelievable that Instead of the fuel… they are haggling about whether they need to serve food in flight?

Jet Airways flew just 1 flight to India from say Qatar per day while Etihad & Qatar Airways fly about 20 flights to India EACH airlines daily! This is a ratio of 1: 40 and we did not even add other GCC airlines.

Indigo is super economical to fly (difference is atleast Rs 7,000/tkt compared to Etihad & Qatar Airways) (multiply it by 4 for the number of tickets for NRI families). But even Indigo never bothered to increased number of flights per day.

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MicroMax Revolt electric motorcycle sighted! – HONESTLY DISAPPOINTED :-(

A camouflaged electric motorcycle prototype has been spotted recently and reports suggest that the motorcycle in question is Revolt’s first product. The prototype features production-ready bodywork suggesting that the launch plan is progressing as per schedule.

Revolt-motors-intellicorp-motorcycle-spied (2)

Electric Motorcycle with  Haryana Registration (the company is located in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana)

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MicroMax EV – India’s biggest EV moment!

This could as big as Apple developing the Apple Electric Car called The Titan. It could be bigger than the Titan because Titan’s future is uncertain. In Feb 2019 Apple had dismissed around 200 staff working on Project Titan.

The only other smartphone maker working in EV is Xiaomi.

 Micromax, on Thursday launched his new company-Revolt Intellicorp that will manufacture India’s first AI-enabled electric motorcycle.

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Waaree makes Solar Modules for Electric Vehicles

Waaree Energies, India’s largest solar PV manufacturer and a leader in the rooftop segment, has launched customized solar modules, a solar power solution for Electric Vehicles. The modules are expected to increase the efficiency of these EV by 10-25%.

These indigenous modules, specially designed for the transport industry in India, are portable, flexible, lighter, durable and more efficient, making them ideal for vehicles. They are ideal for vehicles where energy is required for many services including auxiliary functions like refrigeration etc. Since these modules are indigenously developed by Waaree, it would be cost effective.

After successfully associating with Bergstorm & Motherson Sumi, Waare Energies is now looking for more such partners to revolutionise the industry.

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ओकिनावा Praise vs iPraise vs Honda Activa 5G scooter | Electric Scooter

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Tata Power Solar launches residential rooftop solution in Kolkata

West Bengal Power Minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay on Tuesday inaugurated a residential rooftop solution by Tata Power Solar, and said the demand for such products would grow with rising environmental awareness.

Image result for tata solar rooftop

Residential rooftop solar solutions could typically save up to Rs 50,000 EVERY YEAR for 25 years, company… Continue reading

NTPC 1st floating solar power project in Gujarat to be commissioned in April 2019

 NTPC Ltd’s Kawas has become first power unit in the state to install 1MW grid-connected floating solar project, which is likely to be commissioned in April 2019.

Image result for NTPC floating solar power project in Gujarat

Solar power plants can be easily setup within one year time. The project is all set to be commissioned in April 2019. This is first floating solar power project in Gujarat.

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