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Let us as a Nation move towards fuel efficient vehicles, clean water, green farms and a clean-green environment! India receives some of the highest rainfall in the world... still the country thirst for water... why? India has the highest cattle population in the world...but hardly extracts any biogas/gobar-gas from it... why? India tops the world in almost all agricultural products... but less than 1% is organic/natural... why? India receives good sunlight and has a Solar powered Airport... but less than 0.01% of houses are powered by solar power... why? India has the best electric/CNG car in the world (E2O/Tata NANO).. but 99.99% of car owners prefer to pay in dollars for their petrol.. why? (1Ltr = 1$ almost). All these problems can be solved by us 100% within our lifetime... if we take action to solve these issues personally and bringing awareness about it, (instead of discussing TV serials, celebrities, cricket scores & political parties). Let us together build a bridge of knowledge over ignorance! Lets us become independent from "Fuel, Water and Seed control". Right from the time when fire was discovered as a source of energy people have been trying to control the source of energy... not any more!

Best method of Rainwater Harvesting

NEVER use the RAINWATER-PIT because:

  1. Clean rooftop rainwater gets in contact with soiled ground water
  2. The pit will get clogged with debries within an hour of heavy rain and it will save just 1% of the rainwater. Where as Roof to Borewell saves 100% of rainwater.

People who do not understand EV talk about charging infrastructure

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Rainwater Harvesting | The full story

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Revolt Electric Motorcycle Launch Highlights in 10 minutes

Revolt Electric Motorcycle Launch Highlights in 10 minutes

Patanjali Solar Power |पतंजलि सौर ऊर्जा

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Ather scooter – 1st Advertisement

Ather is really ramping it up… on their Chennai launch! Ather should do more advertisments on Google & YouTube like the Wix advertisement!

Check out Ather Advt – Way beyond a scooter!