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JSW to roll out Electric Car by 2020

JSW Energy a company with net profit of 2.17 billion rupees for the quarter ended June 2017 is now embarking upon the journey to build electric cars, batteries and charging infrastructure in India as a part of its diversification plans to drive future growth.

It plans to invest up to 40 billion rupees ($623 million) over the next few years and expects its first electric car to be rolled out by 2020. In a welcome break it is the first non-automotive company in India to not only build electric car but batteries and charging infrastructure too.

JSW, is on the lookout for … 

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How to make an electric cycle

Making an electric bike is a very good project for those who already have a bike and want to experiment or want increase the distance they travel or make their travel easier.

In a world that is slowly moving away from petrol vehicles to electric vehicles it is very important for every student who is even remotely connected to automobiles to undertake this project.
This will help them to get… Continue reading

Replace inter-school quiz competitions with inter-school EV competitions

EV innovation needs many young minds to work on it. Since the EV is as basic as a Toy car which includes (battery, motor and controller) it is very much in the interest of the nation to get as many young minds working on it.

Tata and Mahindra should conduct annual inter-school EV competitions instead of wasting it on quiz competitions. Such EV competitions will fire the minds of young individuals to create something useful and enable them to… Continue reading

Driverless car is a sick obsession

The car making & Taxi companies have been stuck with an obsession that is bordering on sickness mainly because the motivation for the cause is based on massive profiteering… Of late there been almost daily promotion of the “autonomous-car-is-the-safest-car” slogan left-right-and-center that too with a vengeance.

On one side the west is using technology to destroy farms and discouraging (making life difficult for) small scale family owned farms and they also want to reduce jobs in the factories with robots. The part of getting robots in factories & warehouses is good but the problem begins when… Continue reading