Battery Technology

Batteries are going to get better, stronger and cheaper. There is no doubt about that!

Battery Technology is advancing at a very fast pace compared to just 10 yrs ago. Serious research into battery development started only in year 2010. This is because of iPhone launched in year 2007 led to touchscreen popularity. Touchscreens had a problem of quick battery consumption and this faster battery drainage started the quest for better battery technology.

Due to this the biggest research in battery technology are being conducted by mobile phone companies. There are now many e companies doing research in multiple methods to increase the capacity of the battery and every single one of them look promising and set to lower the cost of ownership.

Since the price of the battery is half the cost of an EV car dont be surprised if you see a mobile phone company releasing an electric car…. Google Car? Nokia Car?

We at PlugInCaroo expect more than one electric car manufactured by mobile phone companies by 2050. This is because:

a) the research of the most important and most complicated part of the vehicle which is a battery is done by mobile phone companies. More than 75% headache of an EV is with the battery. Anybody who can make good battery pack is in a position to make an electric vehicle. It is as simple as that.

b) Mobile phones and cars are very similar in appeal.

  1. Size – People do not want to be seen with a small phone. Bigger the better, and the same can be said of cars. Tiny mobiles and tiny ECars have tiny market! But EV companies keep making tiny eCars. This is mainly due to the cost of the battery. As battery cost reduced bigger EVs will become common. SUV size is the correct size for an Electric Vehicle. eHummer would be the perfect EV. Tata Nexon EV is also a close perfect EV.
  2. Body design – Just like phones better designed cars have better appeal.
  3. User Interface – The user interface, design and feel is also important in both the mobile and the car.
  4. Battery is not a big concern! Designing an EV based on a certain battery technology will be a SUICIDE. Because whatever kind of battery you use that battery technology will change every 25yrs! EV Industry is already shifting from Lithium-Ion to Lithium Ion Phosphate battery. Similarly it will keep shifting in future too.

Size, Design & Interface… Size, Design & Interface… Size, Design & Interface… 

Due to this it is very easy for a mobile phone company to transition into cars. But not vice versa!

Lithium-Ion batteries are just a beginning. There are many promising battery  technologies like:

  • Lithium-Sulfur,
  • Sodium-Ion,
  • Flow Batteries,
  • Iron-Battery,
  • Aluminium battery and believe it or not  even:
    • Sugar-Batteries,
    • Paper-Batteries and
    • Air Batteries.

There is no need to have any concern about the kind of battery to be used in an electric vehicle. What is of concern is the beauty of the vehicle, the size of the vehicle and its user interface that the EV manufacturing company will use.

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