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People prefer familiar corruption over unfamiliar progress…

Well done AAP for getting 20 seats in Punjab even though people preferred corrupt govt over honest governance.

We have been ruled for over 200 yrs by corrupt government and their corrupt laws (like the Indian Forrest Act, Indian Land Acquisition Act, Taxation laws… why even Tax on salt exists). So we are really afraid how a honest government will function. Some of my educated friends have said only a corrupt government can rule India “properly” and we know which party they voted for.

What was the good performance for which the party got their votes? Whether it is the BJP or Congress where ever it won. Or was there something that was more “important” than the performance of the government that was voted in?

This was exactly the same attitude during the Bitish rule and true today. There were many Indians who preferred the British rule and the rule of Aurangazeb.There were many Indians who preferred to see their king defeated against an Invader. It might seem shocking today… but that is exactly how the Mohammed Gori, British & Aurangazeb were able to capitalize and defeat superior local army. They were able to capitalize on a few corrupt people.

The questions of progress are never asked… it is so well brought out in Swades

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