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Flow Electric Scooter from 22 Motors

22Motors will soon come out with a smart, powerful and intelligent scooter. The system has been loaded with state of art sensors and smart features. Real time connectivity to cloud helps the company keep an eye on scooter’s performance.

This scooter looks better than Ather’s S-“whatever”

Integrated app helps the company find fixes for any malfunction even when the customer is miles away.

With Geo Fencing you can now… Continue reading


The Ather brownout

After the investment by Hero Motors in Ather Energy what is very obvious is that there is a certain communication link that seems to have been cut… that they have managed to choke Tarun & Swapnil… their voices have almost been shut out… the way business was done seems to have changed somewhat…

There have been changes both inside and outside. Looks like production might not start even by mid 2018… Continue reading

HeroMotor Corp invests in Ather Energy

Country’s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp will invest up to Rs 205 crore in one or more tranches to acquire up to 30% stake in Bengaluru-based Ather Energy Pvt.

“The board of directors of the company, in its meeting held on October 26, 2016, approved an investment of up to Rs 205 crore, in one or more tranches, for approximately 26-30% shareholding in Ather Energy Private Ltd,” Hero MotoCorp said in a BSE filing.

The strategic investment is subject to execution of definitive agreements and completion of certain conditions customary for a transaction of this nature.

It further said: “As the market leader and… Continue reading

Tork Electric Motorcycle launch at Techspark 2016

Tork Electric Motorcycle launched today 30 September 2016 at Techspark 2016 for a price of Indian Rupees 124,999. This is not any random bike… this is a bike that has won 1st place in the Isle of Man TT. Gosh look at the loosers asking for Tork to lessen the price as if it is a luna moped… you guys are buying a solid race bike.Its worth every penny… go out and buy it and leave the Pulsars and Bullets gaging behind… at every single signal lights!!! No petrol bike can outrace the Tork from the blocks…

 Tork today becomes the best Electric Motorcycle in the world in its class and price. Ather Energy has to make way to be the second best 2 wheeler and Gogoro scooter 3rd. Phew what a year… and the year has still 3 months to end…

Well done Tork you guys deserve every bit of it…

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Sunny Days for the EV Charging Kiosks

What is an EV charging Kiosk? This is an EV Charging Station that could (depending upon the location) charge your EV for free or for a FEE. This fee could also vary depending upon the location of the station.

How does it work?

How the Smart EV Charging Kiosk/Station would function. These are already functioning in UK
How the Smart EV Charging Kiosk/Station functions in UK. The 3rd step can be avoided by getting RFID built in the vehicle. This will also protect against theft.

There is also another challenge… about places with power cuts. There is solution for this also. In places like Kerala even today they almost live in the dark ages… Continue reading

Hero ELectric NYX Scooter @ Rs 29,990

Hero Electric has announced an online launch of its latest product – Hero Electric Nyx, starting at 29,990. The e-scooter will be available exclusively on Paytm, and will be the first time that an e-bike company has chosen an online platform to launch their product.

Hero Electric NYX

The Hero Electric NYX was launched on June 5, 2016 which was the World Environment Day. The bike is easily available at India’s largest… Continue reading

Ather Scooter and bigger wheels

It has been the observation of PlugInCaroo from day one (and even during design stage) that Ather Scooter needs to have bigger wheel size to take advantage of its engine. It should have a minimum of 16 inches if it not  17 inches to take full advantages of the EV.

It already has a very powerful 3,000/5,000 watt motor and also has very powerful battery that can quickly transfer the power requirement to it really makes no sense in going with a small “scooter” wheel. Is the wheel a bottleneck to the awesome power output of the bike?

Just by putting on 17 inch wheels the very same bike (with a little modification) can easily cross 100kmph instead of the existing 75kmph speed. Moreover the bigger wheels along with the existing suspensions will only improve the ride quality and handling speed over rough terrain or unpaved roads. Over paved city roads the rid-quality will be unparalleled even by more expensive motorcycles or scooters!!!

Further the high rate of torque and speed pick-up makes it necessary to have bigger wheels. Since this could reduce range due to the added weight Ather can add a little bigger battery and position it as a premium model.

This bigger model can also be pushed as Electric-Trike, Electric-ATV, Electric 3 wheel or 4 wheel Tractor.

If they do manage to bring out a bigger wheel model they can move on to the electric Trike and electric ATV models. These do have a huge market in middle-east for leisure riding over sand dunes in the desert especially in the future taking into consideration the falling price of oil and the 2022 FIFA Football World Cup. Enormous business opportunity awaits Tarun and Swapil.

The 17 inch wheel will also enable them to get into the lucrative and ever growing tractor business in India and replace the existing tractors with cheaper Electric Tractors. As the Gulf Oil markets crumble and falls millions of Indians are going to return to India and get into Agriculture and this will create a huge boom around this business.

With smaller wheels their choice of vehicles will be limited.