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How many solar panels do we need?

All your life you lived dependent upon the electric company to supply you with electricity.

It is now possible to easily generate electricity for your home from wind power… or from Solar power… or from both… solar and wind power.

Even if you generate at least 50% of your electricity requirements, then you get 50% discounted electricity. Lets check out power from solar panels.

How many solar panels do we really need?

Lets find out in the below video.

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Gadkari’s ISRO Li-Ion battery gets showcased in SIAT2017


Nitin Gadkari’s ISRO’s lithium-ion battery gets showcased by ARAI

A lithium-ion battery, indigenously developed by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for space applications, has been successfully put to use in an electric two-wheeler by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI).

A prototype two-wheeler developed …using ISRO’s lithium-ion battery was unveiled by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, government of India at Symposium on International Automotive Technologies (SIAT 2017) held at the ARAI Campus, Vetal Hill, Kothrudin Pune during January 2017.

Battery Features:

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Nitin Gadkari – ISRO – ARAI – Li-Ion Battery

The whole PLAN of Nitin Gadkari is as complicated and unrelated with each other as the title… will he pull it off or will it be another false dawn?

The drive to indigenously develop lithium ion battery technology for automotive applications in India is on track and will be ready as early as mid-2017, say ARAI officials.

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Mahindra e-Verito launching Today!!!

Today the 2nd of June 2016, Mahindra is all set to launch its futuristic e-Verito, which is an electric variant of the Verito sedan. The e-Verito concept car was first showcased at the prestigious 2014 Auto Expo, and now very soon customers can buy the car. This would be India’s 2nd Electric Car the first being Chetan Maini’s Reva which had an update as E2O


Mahindra Verito electric

Mahindra Electric Verito Rs 8 Lakhs only! (US$ 12,200)


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Why Gogoro Electric Scooter is a Joke!

Gogoro is a scooter that travels 100km IF…IF…. IF driven at 25kms speed and possibly 50kms if driven at higher speed. It has battery you cannot charge at home or anywhere at all… if you want to charge it then you got to take it to the charging station… for which you have to drive to the nearest charging station to swap the batteries… The Scooter itself is so short and small that only 1 adult can sit on the scooter. But in its website it keeps talking about “carrying another passenger”…wonder where? On your lap or your shoulder? Which is why of all the thousands of images of the scooter very few is there of the scooter with side view like below… even in this the rider has been pushed to the front and his knees is touching the front part of the bike.To go through all this torture you have to shell out…

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter!

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter! CNG vehicles have equivalent running cost as electric vehicles without the higher initial cost of the Electric Vehicles!!!

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ARAI, Sarabhai Space Centre to develop car batteries

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) are to collaborate to develop a battery for passenger cars using technology which is used to make batteries for space vehicles.

ARAI will develop and test the batteries for use in electric and hybrid electric vehicles and offer the technology to manufacturers for mass production. This will significantly cut their cost, ARAI Director Rashmi Urdhwareshe said. She was speaking to reporters at the golden jubilee celebrations of the research organisation.

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Welcome to StoreDot… a 480Km Battery & 5 minute full Recharge…

A promise by Israeli nanotech firm StoreDot that within a year it will be able to recharge an electric vehicle in five minutes has gained some true believers.

Samsung Ventures and Norma Investments Limited (the investment firm that represents business tycoon Roman Abramovich), along with other investors, are providing StoreDot with $18 million for the development of its electric vehicle (EV) charging technology.

Come next May, StoreDot CEO Doron Myersdorf promised….

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