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Indian Electric Vehicle Expo | 21 Dec 2018 | Gadkari warns poor quality E-Rickshaw makers |PlugInCaroo

Electric Vehicle Technology Expo, India’s biggest eco-friendly expo the 8th EVEXPO 2018’ took place from December 21 to 23rd at hall No. 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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GoGoA1 – Largest Electric Vehicles mall in India – Part 1 & 2| PlugInCaroo

Today lets travel to GoGo-A1 Mart. It is India’s largest EV mall/mart which is situated in Rabale, Navi Mumbai. Rabale lies between Airoli and Ghansoli on the Thane-Nerul Trans-Harbour line.


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Ather 450 Launch




Buy it – Subscribe it – and forget it! No surprises, no hickups just plain, smooth ride!

Monthly Subscription required it includes:



FREE 4GDATA for Scooter System


For pre-orders flock to: https://www.atherenergy.com/preorder

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Ikea just added a cart to its bicycle offer!

Somewhere between the bookshelves, bedroom sets, and kitchen stuff, there will soon be flat-packed belt drive bicycles, which display the same understated and timeless Scandinavian design as the rest of IKEA’s offerings. A host of accessories will also be available, including a bike trailer ($129/$169), front cargo rack ($25/$35), and rear pannier ($29/$39), and the bike itself will come with a 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive.

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Ather Electric Scooter to be Showcased at Surge, Bangalore

Finally after years and months of waiting… Ather is due to display its fabled Electric Scooter at SURGE, Bangalore which is Web Summit’s first technology summit which will be held in India between Feb 23-24, 2016. 

This is Gogoro Electric Scooter… just for reference… how technology can handicap a scooter to lonely single person device 😉

Bangalore, Jan 28th, 2016: India’s first smart electric scooter will debut at SURGE on 23rd February. The scooter is the maiden venture of Ather Energy, a Bangalore based technology start-up by IIT graduates Tarun Mehta & Swapnil Jain.

“Ather Energy is very thrilled to be part of SURGE as it is one of the most influential technology summits in the world…. As the launch will bring to fruition the exciting journey that we started two years ago” says Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ather Energy on their website.

SURGE is Web Summit’s first conference in India. Web Summit is one of the biggest and most popular technology summits globally that is known to be a great platform for start-ups and investors. Over the last few years, Web Summit has seen the participation of technology players ranging from Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Google to the most exciting startups including Airbnb and Uber.

Tarun is also a speaker at SURGE and will speak on the inevitability of electric being the future of automobiles and their “uncompromising electric scooter” – with a powerful Li-ion battery pack and sub-one hour charging.

In an ecosystem dominated by software players, Ather Energy is among the few hardware startups in India. Their first product, the S340 is completely designed in-house and will commence commercial production in Bengaluru later this year.

Why Gogoro Electric Scooter is a Joke!

Gogoro is a scooter that travels 100km IF…IF…. IF driven at 25kms speed and possibly 50kms if driven at higher speed. It has battery you cannot charge at home or anywhere at all… if you want to charge it then you got to take it to the charging station… for which you have to drive to the nearest charging station to swap the batteries… The Scooter itself is so short and small that only 1 adult can sit on the scooter. But in its website it keeps talking about “carrying another passenger”…wonder where? On your lap or your shoulder? Which is why of all the thousands of images of the scooter very few is there of the scooter with side view like below… even in this the rider has been pushed to the front and his knees is touching the front part of the bike.To go through all this torture you have to shell out…

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter!

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter! CNG vehicles have equivalent running cost as electric vehicles without the higher initial cost of the Electric Vehicles!!!

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EV Makers Dilemma – Bike, Car or SUV?

It’s one of the most exciting design challenges of our time. It’s a very rare opportunity to reinvent a common object. Even more difficult is to decide not only what kind of vehicle needs to be reinvented but also the size of that vehicle? Which market sector should these EV companies decide to cater to? Cars? Bikes? Trikes?


More Car Sales happen in the B (super-mini) segment – Each car priced around Rs 300,000!

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