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Doha METRO | Qatar EV | दोहा मेट्रो – Review

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Kevin’s Electric Bike

Attractive LED safety lights in the front and rear, Touchscreen GPS Navigation, Digital Speedometer 18 kmph  (can go faster) speed with 5 year old 12 volt,7 Ampere Lead Acid battery, A frame that can take on smaller wheels as well as bigger 26 inch wheels, accommodate adults as well as kids… puts to shame some of the e-bikes sold in the market…

Energy World Qatar


Visited the Energy World Qatar expo in Doha, Qatar going on from 18 to 28 November 2015. An awesome display of information regarding Science and Energy aimed towards the kids and people. What was interesting was while people were having a great time playing with different equipments they were also learning the science behind it. Even the parents were enjoying themselves. Qatar should seriously consider setting a building for this kind of stuff. Wonder why no Schools were invited to attend the Expo? Most of the volunteers were very active and enjoying distributing information.

It started off with a short Movie show which explained the resource crunch that the world will experience in the coming years not on one front but on 3 fronts – ENERGY, WATER and FOOD. The world will be screaming for these three as more… Continue reading