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Electric Bikes at Autoshow 2018 – Delhi

India has finally arrived on the Electric 2-Wheeler stage… Years of waiting… finally over!

Check out the 6 electric bikes from India and 1 American electric motorcycle  – from UM Renegade the Thor!

Our favourite electric bike is Emflux!… YOU guys at Emflux make us proud!

Hub Motors must be banned

Hub motors are the most in-efficient way of using electric motors. China has been notorious for using Hub motors in all its 2 wheelers in e-cycles & e-scooters. It is the most easiest and simplest to use, all one got to do is remove the front wheel and replace it with the Hub-motor-wheel and fix the controller plus battery and you are ready to go. It is available from Rs 10,000 to 20,000 for the entire kit add Rs 1,000 for shipping to your doorstep!

Hub Motors must be banned

Hub motors are ok to be used in toys, school science projects and by amateurs. But selling it installed in scooters and… Continue reading

E-Bikes in India – The Sensible Choice

Bikes are supposed to be Power Objects, Bikes are supposed to be Mean, Masculine, tyres bigger than biceps… Bikes are supposed to be ooze sexuality… they are supposed to attract the opposite sex. People own it to portray sexiness. Heck even girls ride power bikes for that macho feel…. kind of to do the forbidden.


Pulsar – the best selling Petrol Bike in India… although it is expensive and has a poor mileage.

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