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Indian Electric Vehicle Expo | 21 Dec 2018 | Gadkari warns poor quality E-Rickshaw makers |PlugInCaroo

Electric Vehicle Technology Expo, India’s biggest eco-friendly expo the 8th EVEXPO 2018’ took place from December 21 to 23rd at hall No. 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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E-rickshaw permits done away with!!!

01 September 2016

E-rickshaws and e-carts no longer require permits to ply on roads but states can impose restrictions on them under appropriate traffic laws regarding…

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Solar-powered Rickshaw in Punjab

Su-Kam is proud of its distributers and with the growing installations of solar power plants happening around the country we are blessed to have increasing number of loyal distributers who are dedicated to sell solar products.

Punjab is a state in India with a population of 27 million people, and an abundant amount of sunlight falling on its surface with a rough estimate of 2762 hours annually. That being a massive amount, the people of Punjab are not shying away from utilizing free solar energy to run their household load.


With every year we see a large number of…

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People’s Car – Electric Rickshaw!

Electric Rickshaw has every quality to become the people’s car.

  1. It is more economical than Tata Nano or ANY Electric Car and cost approx Rs 100,000 (US$1,500)
  2. No maintenance issue unlike petrol & diesel vehicles,
  3. Can carry more people (8+) AND Luggage than most SUVs,
  4. Do not need licence to drive one (as it is slow speed vehicle)
  5. A must have on Farms for many work like- ploughing fields, carrying harvest, pumping water using electricity, drilling holes using electricity and even moving earth, stones and sand!


Like he often does with state guests, Prime Minister Narendra Modi sat down for…


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E-Raaja – Zero Pollution & Zero emission, plastic body E-Rickshaw

With the view of moving towards a more eco-friendly means of transportation, OK Play India has launched the country’s first indigenously designed and developed e-rickshaw. OK Play India manufactures plastic moulded industrial and automobile products and is best known for the toys it manufactures.

After about two years of in-house research and development, the company has launched E-Raaja – a zero emission, plastic body e-rickshaw.


Source: www.gaadi.com

According to OK Play India’s Managing Director, Rajan Handa, E-Raaja has been made completely in India unlike other e-rickshaws that use about 95% Chinese components. The company will produce these rickshaws from its… Continue reading