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People who do not understand EV talk about charging infrastructure

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EV Taxi before EV passenger cars?

India’s top automakers are steering away from polluting diesel models, but the real push towards cleaner electric vehicles is coming from the country’s cab aggregators.


Market leader Maruti Suzuki announced late last month that it will not sell any diesel vehicles from April next year, when the Bharat Stage VI emission standards kick in. The norms will make diesel models substantially more expensive. Tata Motors, the country’s fourth largest carmaker, too, has indicated that it’s planning to stop selling small diesel cars after the new standards are enforced.

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11,000 Electric Buses coming to Delhi!

Delhi to fight pollution with 11,000 electric buses

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Indian Electric Vehicle Expo | 21 Dec 2018 | Gadkari warns poor quality E-Rickshaw makers |PlugInCaroo

Electric Vehicle Technology Expo, India’s biggest eco-friendly expo the 8th EVEXPO 2018’ took place from December 21 to 23rd at hall No. 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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Corrupt Govt officers refuse Electric Cars

In a major setback to the Indian government and Mr Nitin Gadkari’s big push fpr using electric cars with a view to save petrodollars, the senior government officials have refused to use electric cars made by homegrown carmakers – Mahindra and Tata Motors according to the report in Livemint.

Corrupt Govt pocket petrol allowance & refuse EVs

Corrupt Govt pocket petrol allowance & refuse EVs

In less than a year after state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) floated a tender for 10,000 electric cars amid much fanfare, India’s EV growth story seems to be headed in a wrong direction.


Ssenior government officials have refused to use electric cars made by homegrown carmakers Mahindra and Tata Motors. The babus were claiming to be unhappy with the 80kms range of the car but the real reason obviously would be the huge allowance that the government staff get for using Petrol/Diesel cars.


We at PlugInCaroo feel the only way ahead would be to cancel the petrol allowance of every government staff who refuses to use electric vehicle because perhaps the staff finds the petrol vehicle more efficient and saves more money than the electric vehicle and thus he shouldn’t mind paying the petrol allowance from his own pocket.


You can even bring a river to a horse… but still…  you cannot make him drink! 

Suzuki caught flat footed in Indian EV race

As India appears to be focusing on pure electric vehicles in a shift away from supporting hybrid vehicles Suzuki CEO , Toshihiro visualizes the future.

As the industry shifts towards EVs (electric vehicles), when it comes to India, our volumes are so large that I worry that we could be caught flat-footed if there was a sudden shift towards electrification” Suzuki CEO , Toshihiro said.

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