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Suzuki caught flat footed in Indian EV race

As India appears to be focusing on pure electric vehicles in a shift away from supporting hybrid vehicles Suzuki CEO , Toshihiro visualizes the future.

As the industry shifts towards EVs (electric vehicles), when it comes to India, our volumes are so large that I worry that we could be caught flat-footed if there was a sudden shift towards electrification” Suzuki CEO , Toshihiro said.

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India sets record for single largest purchase of electric vehicles!

Energy Efficiency Services, a state-run agency set a record of largest single-order of electric vehicles in the world when it floated a tender floated for 10,000 EVs.


Tata Motors, President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (PVBU) Mayank Pareek at the launch of “Tigor” in New Delhi on March 29, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

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JSW to roll out Electric Car by 2020

JSW Energy a company with net profit of 2.17 billion rupees for the quarter ended June 2017 is now embarking upon the journey to build electric cars, batteries and charging infrastructure in India as a part of its diversification plans to drive future growth.

It plans to invest up to 40 billion rupees ($623 million) over the next few years and expects its first electric car to be rolled out by 2020. In a welcome break it is the first non-automotive company in India to not only build electric car but batteries and charging infrastructure too.

JSW, is on the lookout for … 

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Tata Tiago EV set to create a blast!

Tatas are planning to introduce a completely awesome electric car in the market. This car will be loaded with a lot of goodies and a special feature to communicate with the traffic signals ahead of the car to speed up or slow down traffic depending upon the number of cars on that particular road.

Tata Tiago-Seating

Tata Tiago-Seating

This is one car people will be proud to own! Post 2016 Indians will be proud of the vehicles Tata makes like Hexa, Nexon etc are all on par with other international car makers.

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Mahindra E2O Plus – Review

The world is moving towards banning Petrol & Diesel for all vehicles by the year 2025. The use of Electric vehicles are becoming more real than ever before. India has 2 good electric cars in E2O & E2O Plus. The cost of travelling in these cars are as cheap as travelling by a motocycle. Since this car does not use Petrol or Diesel (which are very expensive and harmful fuel)… you can save as much as Rupees 1 Lakh a year on fuel cost…especially if you drive a total distance of 100kms.

The maths is very simple… to recharge this “E2O Plus” P8-version car you will need just Rs 100 and you get 140km range. Most people travel within this range.

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ISRO pulled the pants off Elon Musk

When ISRO launched 104 satellites into space on 15 Feb 2017… it completely exposed Elon Musk and his boast of sending cheaper flights into space using re-useable flyback rockets.

Whatever Elon Musk does it cannot put a dent in ISRO’s business. At his most effective he might just be able to keep USA in the business of sending satellites into space but still the cost would be much higher than the cost of ISRO’s.

Image result for elon musk middle finger

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Tata Nano GenX selling steady while one CEO dead & the other tried to kill Nano

Tata Nano GenX in spite of the global conspiracy to derail the project and bad mouthing (Nanos catching fire) it has been selling at a steady pace of around 800 cars per month. On the other side Kwid an inferior but better looking car is selling 10 times more!

Between Renault Kwid and Nano GenX we all know what is the difference… its “Advertisement” budget. Actually Renault must have spend 100 times more to advertise Kwid than Tata did with Nano GenX.

There is also more to this than meets the eye… some VERY SINSTER CASES – One where its CEO was murdered and the other in which the CEO who replaced the murdered CEO tried his best to MURDER NANO! Finally he was royally booted out by… Continue reading