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Revolt Times making fun of Petrol bikes…

Vintage 100cc Petrol Motorcycle Rally organised in Connaught Place; hundreds gathered

The annual event of 100 cc vintage petrol bikes went underway in Connaught Place on Sunday. Participants came in numbers from all around the city to flaunt their treasured possessions.

The silent city was echoing again with its long-forgotten frenemy ‘petrol engine’ noise. The rally passed through the old iconic petrol pumps, through the oil museum and ended at the city’s famous Moolchand petrol pump National Heritage.

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People who do not understand EV talk about charging infrastructure

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EV Taxi before EV passenger cars?

India’s top automakers are steering away from polluting diesel models, but the real push towards cleaner electric vehicles is coming from the country’s cab aggregators.


Market leader Maruti Suzuki announced late last month that it will not sell any diesel vehicles from April next year, when the Bharat Stage VI emission standards kick in. The norms will make diesel models substantially more expensive. Tata Motors, the country’s fourth largest carmaker, too, has indicated that it’s planning to stop selling small diesel cars after the new standards are enforced.

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Ather scooter now – 3yr warranty & cheaper by Rs 5,000 FAME II

Ather scooter now comes with – 3yr warranty & cheaper by Rs 5,000 FAME II

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Remove the subscription Ather…. don’t step on the brakes of an accelerating scooter!

Or at least have a version of Ather 450 without subscription  (without navigation map & mobile connectivity) along with the one with subscription.

Ather Electric Scooter – Expectation vs Reality | PlugInCaroo


11,000 Electric Buses coming to Delhi!

Delhi to fight pollution with 11,000 electric buses

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Delhi AAP Govt – EV Policy (Dec 2018)

The EV Policy: http://transport.delhi.gov.in/sites/default/files/All-PDF/Electric%20Policy%202018.pdf


Indian Electric Vehicle Expo | 21 Dec 2018 | Gadkari warns poor quality E-Rickshaw makers |PlugInCaroo

Electric Vehicle Technology Expo, India’s biggest eco-friendly expo the 8th EVEXPO 2018’ took place from December 21 to 23rd at hall No. 7, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

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