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Tork to launch by Diwali!!! (Oct 2016)

When Ather Energy was in the process of designing and building its electric scooter never in their wildest dreams did they think that the biggest competition for them would be from another start-up company in India. This competition could indeed be in the form of Tork Motors the developers of Electric Motorcycle who are planning for a Diwali 2016 launch.

Both companies are building their vehicle on Li-Ion battery technology. Ather is having a range of 70kms and top speed of around 75kmph. Tork is supposed… Continue reading


Ather has a chance to dominate the world tractor market

Ather Energy has a chance to dominate the world tractor market… bigger and wider wheels are paramount… it can completely capture Mahindra Tractor sales… whether Ather prefers to do this is completely up to them…. 70% of India resides in villages and of that 90 percent of Indian farms are small holding between 1 to 5 acres. It is expensive for a farmer to hire tractor and transport services frequently not only for ploughing his field… but also to transport his goods to the nearby market… and also to use as a work horse on the farm…. like carrying stuff like saplings or harvest to and from house, etc.

It would make great economic sense for Ather if it can combine the torque and low cost-per-usage advantages of Electric Vehicle to design a small ELECTRIC TRACTORS the size of electric rickshaw would be a great welcome and also lower the expense of the Indian farmer who are having to make do with very high expenses of farming…

Actually the existing electric rickshaw can be modified a little by adding bigger and wider wheel on the rear and the front. This vehicle can be a rickshaw and also double up as a tractor when needed. Since the vehicle will be under the sun providing solar panels to  dc-recharge the batteries would be a boon too. The vehicle could have Li-Ion or Lead Acid batteries….

Its sad that Enfield has chosen to ignore this huge market…. the problem with Indian market is that there is so much profit in any sector that there is no need to even innovate… just keep doing the same thing… The bullet has more or less remained the same until the last few years, Bajaj kept making auto rickshaws for so many years… but never thought of making a trike or an ATV buggy… and TVS bikes have been similar from ages…. the Nano has been the only vehicle to undergo so many changes… but even there you dont see the open top convertible Nano…. or the muscle Nano. Now even the Nano has reached a comfortable stage after GenX from where it will stay almost boringly unchanged for another decade…. the classic example is the Ambassador and Padmini… never changed its shape… neither its boot… not its hood.

Indian Engineers have yet to make… Continue reading

How about an Electric Enfield Bullet?… wanna ride?

The electric Royal Enfield Bullet is based on a 2005 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 and uses batteries from the Nissan Leaf and an electric motor to power the bike. The original 500cc engine and transmission has been completely discarded after a blowout.

Electric Enfield Bullet?... wanna ride?

Electric Enfield Bullet?… wanna ride?

The builder has been working on the… Continue reading

Ather Electric Scooter or Hero Leap Hybrid?

Ather Energy has planned an Electric Scooter launch for 2016 with speed of 75kmph and range of around70 kms while Hero Leap (hybrid) has a speed of 100kmph and range of 350kms. Both are priced around 90,000.

Which one would you buy? Me?… neither cause I think both look kind of sissy or lady like.

Probably if they came out with an Enfield Bullet, KTM Duke or a Pulsar I would be the 1st to line up…but right now… its time for sissy launches… so make way for the lady bikes 😉

Hero Leap Hybrid Scooter   https://i0.wp.com/atherenergy.com/wp-content/themes/Ather%20theme%203.1/newAssets/images/bike-1.png

HERO LEAP Hybrid SCOOTER                        ATHER ENERGY Electric SCOOTER

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