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Open Air Hydroponic Fodder Growing system:

500 square feet area can now feed 50 cows!


How to Farm?

“How to Farm?”…  is a fundamental question… how man sources his food…is the one question that should come to everybody’s mind sometime in their lifetime. But the sad part is that neither does it come to the minds of most people nor to the newbie first time farmers in their effort to learn farming. The truth is they do not ask this question but try to think… “how to make most money from farming or diary farming“.

20 yrs ago the person who took to farming used to be the school dropout.Students were warned that if you don’t study well you will end up as a farmer. But today a lot of educated people like Doctors, MBAs, IT guys, Lawyers, etc are returning to take up farming as they are fed-up of their unending deadlines, stress, daily, weekly and monthly targets, unhealthy lifestyle and food.

The good news is that lot of educated people are returning to farming… but the sad news is that a lot of them not asking the right questions and thus falling prey for traps laid out by  international agencies who mask themselves as institutes & advisors of farmers!

If they do not tread carefully they could end up with a noose around their neck (suicide) …after all you are competing directly with some of the most powerful people, and well financed companies in the world like Bill Gates and Monsanto… for control over WATER and SEED.

How to Farm?

How to Farm?

But the biggest mistake they do is they try to… Continue reading