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Will India ever ban cow slaughter?

India as a country must stop the commercial slaughter of Cow. One cannot expect England, US or European countries to do it.

Nobody ever prevented people from eating buffalo or goat meat or even imported beef and nobody should be prevented from doing so.

So whats the big deal?

Pharma cos behind cow slaughter support

Pharma companies are the biggest beneficiaries of cow slaughter & Jersey cow. Even if all Dairy shift to Indian cows the market of these companies will fall to 25%

Its really shocking that in India its illegal to kill a stray dog that attacks you while walking on the road… but it is legal to kill a cow! WHY?… Continue reading


Who is more intelligent-a Cow or a Dog?

All animals have enough intelligence to help them live a healthy life and have the ability to survive predators, find mates and even take care of its young ones. Some animals have certain abilities more than other animals.It would be wrong to say one one animal is more intelligent than the other because we judge animals based on our own experience in relation to… animals living under our “captivity” and not in the open or wilderness… as nature had intended.

Man judges an animal’s intelligence based on… Continue reading

The perfect soil!

How to get the perfect soil for free đŸ™‚

Obviously “cow” here means the Indian Zebu breed not the wild animal that is the Jersey/HF breed. HF/Jersey breed dung and urine are very inferior in quality.

If one doesnt want to make dung cakes on the wall putting the fresh dung in biogas digester and then using the slurry for the plants and soil is also good.

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