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Kevin’s Electric Bike

Attractive LED safety lights in the front and rear, Touchscreen GPS Navigation, Digital Speedometer 18 kmph  (can go faster) speed with 5 year old 12 volt,7 Ampere Lead Acid battery, A frame that can take on smaller wheels as well as bigger 26 inch wheels, accommodate adults as well as kids… puts to shame some of the e-bikes sold in the market…


Why Gogoro Electric Scooter is a Joke!

Gogoro is a scooter that travels 100km IF…IF…. IF driven at 25kms speed and possibly 50kms if driven at higher speed. It has battery you cannot charge at home or anywhere at all… if you want to charge it then you got to take it to the charging station… for which you have to drive to the nearest charging station to swap the batteries… The Scooter itself is so short and small that only 1 adult can sit on the scooter. But in its website it keeps talking about “carrying another passenger”…wonder where? On your lap or your shoulder? Which is why of all the thousands of images of the scooter very few is there of the scooter with side view like below… even in this the rider has been pushed to the front and his knees is touching the front part of the bike.To go through all this torture you have to shell out…

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter!

Gogoro is an expensive 1 person scooter! CNG vehicles have equivalent running cost as electric vehicles without the higher initial cost of the Electric Vehicles!!!

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The dangers of dabbling with Li-Ion Batteries

Many people do not realize it… but the dangers of dabbling with Li-Ion Batteries for your EV might show inverse sale. This doesn’t make sense straight away because people always argue that Li-Ion Batteries are light and have a greater power density and output. These are all good on paper buy if you put it in the market the advantages of Li-Ion disappear completely in front of a layman.

  1. For one the cost of the vehicle is straightaway higher than what is available in Petrol version.
  2. The battery replacement cost of ONE Li-Ion battery is about 5 times the cost of ONE LA battery.
  3. The worst part is that the range (km travelled) difference between Li-Ion Battery & Lead Acid Battery vehicle is almost the same.
  4. On top of it he doesn’t understand you when you talk about the awesomeness of the Li-Ion technology its energy density, light weight, quick charging etc.

Why the layman doesn’t understand all the stuff is because these great points of Li-Ion and bad points of LA Batteries are all stuff that doesn’t affect him “much” anyway… let me explain…

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