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Electric cars @ Auto show 2018 – Delhi

Electric vehicles from Mahindra eKUV, Mahindra Udo, Mahindra Atom, Tata Tiago EV, Tata Tigor EV, Tata Magic EV & Tata Iris EV were showcased at the Autoshow 2018 – Delhi.

Mahindra eKUV (electric)

Checkout the other 6 below…

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India sets record for single largest purchase of electric vehicles!

Energy Efficiency Services, a state-run agency set a record of largest single-order of electric vehicles in the world when it floated a tender floated for 10,000 EVs.


Tata Motors, President, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit (PVBU) Mayank Pareek at the launch of “Tigor” in New Delhi on March 29, 2017. (Photo: IANS)

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JSW to roll out Electric Car by 2020

JSW Energy a company with net profit of 2.17 billion rupees for the quarter ended June 2017 is now embarking upon the journey to build electric cars, batteries and charging infrastructure in India as a part of its diversification plans to drive future growth.

It plans to invest up to 40 billion rupees ($623 million) over the next few years and expects its first electric car to be rolled out by 2020. In a welcome break it is the first non-automotive company in India to not only build electric car but batteries and charging infrastructure too.

JSW, is on the lookout for … 

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The Ather brownout

After the investment by Hero Motors in Ather Energy what is very obvious is that there is a certain communication link that seems to have been cut… that they have managed to choke Tarun & Swapnil… their voices have almost been shut out… the way business was done seems to have changed somewhat…

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Don’t waste your time at Mahindra Baja!

To all the Engineering students signed up or gearing up to compete in 2018 Mahindra Baja there is just one advice from our side – just don’t bother with Mahindra Baja!… Unfortunately many of them would give a hand and a leg to work for Mahindra… even if it is some boring job.

Mahindra Baja 2018

Mahindra Baja 2018

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Mahindra E2O Plus – Review

The world is moving towards banning Petrol & Diesel for all vehicles by the year 2025. The use of Electric vehicles are becoming more real than ever before. India has 2 good electric cars in E2O & E2O Plus. The cost of travelling in these cars are as cheap as travelling by a motocycle. Since this car does not use Petrol or Diesel (which are very expensive and harmful fuel)… you can save as much as Rupees 1 Lakh a year on fuel cost…especially if you drive a total distance of 100kms.

The maths is very simple… to recharge this “E2O Plus” P8-version car you will need just Rs 100 and you get 140km range. Most people travel within this range.

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Maindra E20 Plus TV Commercial

More like a short movie… less like a product advertisement… not sure if it is fit for the purpose… but Mahindra is Mahindra… they are used to doing stuff the wrong way…

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