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Start-up Electric Boat Company with Tesla Motors’ Drive-train Technology

Hello owners and fans of Tesla Motors,

Since I was aware of how Tesla Motors is revolutionizing the car industry, I have had ideas to replicate a similar business model to help advance the earth’s transition of water transportation off fossil fuels and towards electricity.

Tesla Motors has announced many times that they would sell power-trains to other companies, and the boating industry is one that is long over-due for innovation.

Are there any individuals (engineers and investors), with given skill sets or similar drives, interested in a start-up a company that would provide compelling, high-performance, electric boats?

We would start the same with as…

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Electric Car with Unlimited Range truly Imortal…the THE IMMORTUS


The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke solar electric sports car with on-board storage capacity. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance. The ability to run on the power of the sun and store the energy for later use make it a car of practically infinite endurance. As long as the sun shines the Immortus lives…


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Are you up for the EV Racing Challenge?

Indo Asian Solar Challenge

Indo Asian Solar Challenge

Lovely Professional University, Phagwara‎, Punjab, India had organised the Electric Bike Racing Challenge and is now organizing the  Indo Asian Solar (car) Challenge (IASC) 2016 both great platform for the students of the University to exhibit their skill and knowledge. This is also a great platform to get experience in wining potential investors or Venture Capitalist. The university has also made good effort in publicity and providing a good prize money (Rs 100,000 to 500,000) as an incentive for the winners. The latest challenge is the Indo Asian Solar Challenge 2016.

Today we at PlugInCaroo ask some soul searching questions both from the students and the faculty. With all respect please note that we are not complaining about LPU nor about the students but just asking if we could all together improve the already set standards… not to follow how the solar races happen elsewhere in the world… but to set our own standards which other International Colleges would want to meet?

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