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Solar Boat Wins Intersolar India Project Award


Trojan Battery, a manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, and its project partner, Team Sustain, were named winners of the Intersolar “Solar Projects in India” award.  The companies were recognized for the SunRider solar boat project featuring Trojan’s advanced lead acid Smart Carbon batteries.

Trojan and Team Sustain were selected based on the exceptional pioneering design of the boat in the award’s category of Solar Building, Industrial and Commercial Use projects based in India.

Team Sustain’s SunRider solar boat using Trojan batteries was designed as an eco-friendly transportation solution for water tourism, recreational activities and use in nature reserves.  The SunRider solar boat has zero-emissions and does not pollute lakes and rivers. In addition, due to its inherent silent operation, neither people nor animals are disturbed by noisy diesel motors.

The SunRider solar boat is powered by Trojan’s deep-cycle Smart Carbon batteries which are designed to address Partial State of Charge (PSOC), a common issue in solar applications that has not been addressed by battery manufacturers until today.  SunRider is being used at The Mermaid Hotel and Resorts in Cochin, and the project helped it earn a “green tag,” showcasing an ideal example of “responsible tourism”.

The project eliminated the use of diesel fuel, which has reduced the SunRider solar boat’s carbon footprint by 100%, resulting in zero water pollution and environmental harm.

Team Sustain is a clean, green technology solutions provider based in Cochin, India. The company offers cost-effective logistics and infrastructure solutions for sustainable resource utilization to markets around the world.