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Tata Power Solar launches residential rooftop solution in Kolkata

West Bengal Power Minister Sobhandeb Chattopadhyay on Tuesday inaugurated a residential rooftop solution by Tata Power Solar, and said the demand for such products would grow with rising environmental awareness.

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Residential rooftop solar solutions could typically save up to Rs 50,000 EVERY YEAR for 25 years, company… Continue reading


Is Li-Ion a failure in India? #WhatIf Petrol Diesel goes over Rs 100? EVs? #PanicSelling of cars? SUV market crash?

EV like Tata & Mahindra makers don’t want to sell EVs thats why they are pricing EV higher than all their models.

Tata’s subsidiary Tata Petrodyne is earning $200 billion from selling petrol why will Tata promote EVs?

FameSubsidyMahindra completely swallowed… Continue reading

Why TATA will NEVER encourage EVs

Tata Petrodyne is one of the leading Oil and Gas Companies with yearly turnover of around 200 Billion Dollars. It is a subsidiary company of the great TATA companies. It is recognized for its Gas, Oil, and Petroleum Products business and is headquartered in Mumbai. This company has interest in two offshore blocks in UK and Australia respectively as well as seven offshore and onshore blocks in different states of India.


Govt should black list such companies from its EV TENDER. Such companies are just putting a “FRONT” in promoting Electric Cars.


Corrupt Govt officers refuse Electric Cars

In a major setback to the Indian government and Mr Nitin Gadkari’s big push fpr using electric cars with a view to save petrodollars, the senior government officials have refused to use electric cars made by homegrown carmakers – Mahindra and Tata Motors according to the report in Livemint.

Corrupt Govt pocket petrol allowance & refuse EVs

Corrupt Govt pocket petrol allowance & refuse EVs

In less than a year after state-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) floated a tender for 10,000 electric cars amid much fanfare, India’s EV growth story seems to be headed in a wrong direction.


Ssenior government officials have refused to use electric cars made by homegrown carmakers Mahindra and Tata Motors. The babus were claiming to be unhappy with the 80kms range of the car but the real reason obviously would be the huge allowance that the government staff get for using Petrol/Diesel cars.


We at PlugInCaroo feel the only way ahead would be to cancel the petrol allowance of every government staff who refuses to use electric vehicle because perhaps the staff finds the petrol vehicle more efficient and saves more money than the electric vehicle and thus he shouldn’t mind paying the petrol allowance from his own pocket.


You can even bring a river to a horse… but still…  you cannot make him drink! 

Joke of the Year… Suzuki, Toyota sign MoU to make EVs in India…LOL

Toyota Motor Corporation, the world’s biggest automaker and Suzuki Motor Corporation, parent company of Maruti Suzuki concluded a memorandum of understanding to develop electric vehicles (EV) in India in around 2020.

Suzuki will make the EVs, and supply some to Toyota, while Toyota will provide technical support. Additionally, Toyota and Suzuki will conduct a comprehensive study of activities for the widespread acceptance and popular use of EVs in India. These will include establishment of charging… Continue reading

Will Tiago kill the Tata Nano car?

Many people think that the Nano did not sell because it was called the “cheapest” car. This is not true. Nano had good response and did well till year 2012 after which sales dropped.

Nano is an unique vehicle. Nano has features that other vehicles can never… Continue reading

Tata Tiago EV set to create a blast!

Tatas are planning to introduce a completely awesome electric car in the market. This car will be loaded with a lot of goodies and a special feature to communicate with the traffic signals ahead of the car to speed up or slow down traffic depending upon the number of cars on that particular road.

Tata Tiago-Seating

Tata Tiago-Seating

This is one car people will be proud to own! Post 2016 Indians will be proud of the vehicles Tata makes like Hexa, Nexon etc are all on par with other international car makers.

Tata’s had tested the electric motor… Continue reading