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Driverless car is a sick obsession

The car making & Taxi companies have been stuck with an obsession that is bordering on sickness mainly because the motivation for the cause is based on massive profiteering… Of late there been almost daily promotion of the “autonomous-car-is-the-safest-car” slogan left-right-and-center that too with a vengeance.

On one side the west is using technology to destroy farms and discouraging (making life difficult for) small scale family owned farms and they also want to reduce jobs in the factories with robots. The part of getting robots in factories & warehouses is good but the problem begins when… Continue reading


Ola cabs switching to Electric Taxi…soon!

Ola, the Indian smartphone & app based taxi hailing firm is preparing to jump to the next level of “taxi-ing” with electric vehicles.

Ola will test out a few thousand electric vehicles in… Continue reading

Uber a Billion dollar fraud… China 1st country to take action on Uber

China is the 1st country which took action on Uber for the exploitation, profiteering and destruction of its taxi industry. Applause!

In China under the new Government regulations, the data collected by Uber would come under the purview of the government. There would be no more subsidies. Market prices would prevail, the regulations state, “except when municipal government officials believe it is necessary to implement government-guided pricing.” According to Xinhua, ride-hailing companies would be urged to merge with taxi companies. Moreover Government would do the background checks of the drivers and provide them licence for being eligible for app-based car service (well done China). On-line and off-line services would be regulated separately.

China was quick to see through… Continue reading

Which is the best Meru/Ola/Uber Car?

How technology is changing India!

10 yrs ago if you had arrived in any Indian city, village or desert the most fearful thought on a persons mind would have to be how to deal with the Taxi-mafia guy who will walk up to you and try to take you for a “ride” literally to have you pay the maximum fare from your pocket. Either their meter was tampered or the tariff card was tampered, sometimes they would ask much more than that is necessary and for this they could give any reason from “no return fare” to “there is no other taxi around”. This was not a single-person-fraud… but in this the police, at railway stations the station masters and even the Trade Unions too would get their cut. These money trail used to run up the govt hierarchy…there were many people involved in it like any corrupt govt. offices.


Old per-histroic taxi of Mumbai

How these taxies operated was kind of like a mafia. Nothing or nobody could… Continue reading