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Driverless car is a sick obsession

The car making & Taxi companies have been stuck with an obsession that is bordering on sickness mainly because the motivation for the cause is based on massive profiteering… Of late there been almost daily promotion of the “autonomous-car-is-the-safest-car” slogan left-right-and-center that too with a vengeance.

On one side the west is using technology to destroy farms and discouraging (making life difficult for) small scale family owned farms and they also want to reduce jobs in the factories with robots. The part of getting robots in factories & warehouses is good but the problem begins when… Continue reading


Expect dramatic shift in Indian EV Market… by yesterday!

Yep… not tomorrow… cause tomorrow already has become yesterday… that’s the pace the Indian Govt seems to be working… at least on Paper.

Looks like PM Modi has some issues to settle with Elon Musk… for not taking his offer to Make in India. If India get this done… Elon could well become bankrupt… (ISRO already has half of Elon’s Pie).

As per the plan on paper India could have govt battery plant and battery swapping and charging stations by 2018… Gigawatt size plant by 2020… and all diesel and petrol vehicles will be “DEMONITIZED” by 2032!… lol that woke up a lot of sleeping petrol heads… Wake up guys… the petrol/diesel car you buy today will become JUNK in 5 years time.

For a govt that could demonetize 80% of a country’s currency overnight… this would be a walk in the park…

The recommendations in a draft report…
by Niti Aayog, the planning body headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has recommended around 17 MAJOR DISRUPTIVE ideas like… Continue reading

Uber – World’s greatest SCAM!

In this video we have brought to light the many unethical practices used by UBER to cheat both Riders (passengers) & Drivers. We have found 7 ways by which UBER cheats… from taking its share of money from Sales instead of taking it from Profit, calling driver’s loss (due to reduced prices) as “incentives”, straight away refusing to pay the “incentive” in spite of doing the required trips and accepting “ALL ride-requests”, creating artificial surge to increase income, etc.

The fact is Uber can increase the fare and earn same income but prefers to let the driver to earn less so as to keep him on the roads “AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE” like a SLAVE.

If you know an UBER driver pass this clip on to him or explain to him about this… ask him his opinion… you could help him from going into debt! If you are using UBER I humbly request you to shift to Meru cabs which is much better and gives similar service. Meru Cabs have a flat per km charge without any Surge price. If in your area you don’t have Meru Cabs take the traditional Taxi… he will really appreciate it. There are many digital ways to pay your cab today. Don’t let your people fall into slavery!

Ola cabs switching to Electric Taxi…soon!

Ola, the Indian smartphone & app based taxi hailing firm is preparing to jump to the next level of “taxi-ing” with electric vehicles.

Ola will test out a few thousand electric vehicles in… Continue reading

Uber a Billion dollar fraud… China 1st country to take action on Uber

China is the 1st country which took action on Uber for the exploitation, profiteering and destruction of its taxi industry. Applause!

In China under the new Government regulations, the data collected by Uber would come under the purview of the government. There would be no more subsidies. Market prices would prevail, the regulations state, “except when municipal government officials believe it is necessary to implement government-guided pricing.” According to Xinhua, ride-hailing companies would be urged to merge with taxi companies. Moreover Government would do the background checks of the drivers and provide them licence for being eligible for app-based car service (well done China). On-line and off-line services would be regulated separately.

China was quick to see through… Continue reading

How to solve Uber Taxi crisis

At this very moment Uber the ponzi scheme company is out destroying Taxi markets around the world. Ponzi scheme is a company that announces to double your money in 6months or 1 year. Uber is an ABSOLUTELY FRAUD COMPANY… announcing low prices and yet overcharging its customers… and defrauding its drivers.

UBER is tells its driver to get a minimum Rs8,00,000 (US$11,764) car then UBER pay them at the rate of Rs6 per km!!! … and then from their collection (not profit) take away 25%…WTF??!! 10% of operating cost is the profit what most taxi owners make after investing Rs800,000 now UBER wants to make more than what the taxi owners make without investing anything and also by reducing prices!!!

Passengers (riders) are paying more… while drivers are getting less for eg. people who were paying Rs 150 with local taxi are now paying Rs 500 with Uber while drivers find their income dropping. So where is the cash going?

Uber uses various techniques like Continue reading

Uber is pure evil!

In recent past there have been 3 evil companies that easily come to mind – Monsanto, Enron & now Uber. Probably UBER is more evil than both Monsanto & Enron combined!!! Read on to find out why…


To put it straight UBER is a ponzi scheme company. Ponzi scheme company is ANY company that pays returns from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources.

Ever heard of a company that promises to double your money in 6mths or 1 yr time? Yeah UBER is exactly that kind of company and its shocking they never got caught!!!

In India it promises to pay its drivers Rs 1,00,000 (approx $1,500) permonth if they work approx 12hrs but pays around Rs40,000 even if they drive 12hrs/250kms every single day and have incurred expenses of Rs 90000. So if this is not a fraud company then what is?

Uber says it charges Rs6 per km… but its passengers after traveling 10kms have to pay Rs215 instead of Rs60. Oh Yes, then Uber say there is many different charges like base fare, per km fare, timebased fare, best of both time & km rate fare, surge fare and you get clubbed on your head with a mix of all the rates added together to get the highest fare prevailing at the moment he booked the cab. If this is not fraud then what is?

Huge windfall income with ZERO investment. Even in Sharemarket you have to buy shares and are thus exposed to the value of shares falling and there is a danger of loss. But with UBER there is ZERO INVESTMENT thus ZERO LOSS and MAXIMUM PROFIT. If this is not fraud then what is?

UBER is not a market disrupter it is a market destroyer. The sooner people & government wake up and smells the coffee the better. Wherever UBER has entered to do business there have been nothing but chaos… Passengers (riders) don’t realise that they are being cheated and overcharged… but the drivers know that the passengers are being cheated and the drivers are finding out that they too are being cheated… even in its home country USA… where drivers have become sick of the world UBER and are protesting against it…

Many people say “I UBER-ed” to office… when in fact they had been “ubered” … ubered in the sense that they had been conned. Instead of Rs 150 ride today they are paying Rs500 & Rs 700 yet the driver never gets even half of this!! UBER is a fraud company and people are being conned all over the world in a way never attempted before!!! Possibly the only exception being East India Company.

Its safe to say UBER is the East India Company (EIC)of this century!!! EIC used and paid  the people of a country to destroy their own country completely… and then ruled over it once it was weak. Uber is doing the same thing using the drivers to destroy their own markets… and the drivers do not have another option!!!

When UBER first comes to town (honeymoon period) they are very… Continue reading