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Why Venture Capital and Pre-Orders are a shitty combo?


Where ever there is venture capitalist there is that line on the website asking you for a “pre-order”. Where ever there is pre-order there there is venture capitalist. What the hell is the pre-order? Before the VCs era there was either an order or cancellation of the order. But pre-order is the request to make an order for a product that is still NOT produced yet… but exist only on paper or probably in plans. If there are… Continue reading


Tork to launch by Diwali!!! (Oct 2016)

When Ather Energy was in the process of designing and building its electric scooter never in their wildest dreams did they think that the biggest competition for them would be from another start-up company in India. This competition could indeed be in the form of Tork Motors the developers of Electric Motorcycle who are planning for a Diwali 2016 launch.

Both companies are building their vehicle on Li-Ion battery technology. Ather is having a range of 70kms and top speed of around 75kmph. Tork is supposed… Continue reading